Your bitcoins are good on the Seventh Continent

It’s a business platform, a digital commodity market, a business game and an autonomous economy that may just work its way into the ‘real’ world. Seventh Continent is a 3D virtual world where you can set up and run a business for real profit in Bitcoin or fiat.

7C logo“The idea is to offer a new ‘continent’, the ‘Seventh Continent’, to the Bitcoin community where Bitcoin users can do fair and corruption free business,” explains CEO Gregory Harmati. The Seventh Continent is an “independent, free market restricted only by supply and demand”.  It aims to create an economy based on freedom, transparency and fair play.

Created over 5 years by a team of 7 this virtual world includes a 2D market and a 3D continent.

The 2D business platform and the 3D “Continent” are in perfect synergy: digital products such as vehicles, gears, weapons, drinks and food can be taken into the three dimensional digital world to be used for different tasks, missions, adventures users invent for themselves, while raw materials and other goods found in the 3D world can be taken back to the 2D business platform to be sold for hard cash or simply used by companies owned by the users.

7C RegistrationYou can give the Seventh Continent a try for free and currently there are 45 different business categories to choose from. You can invest in your business using Bitcoin or fiat currencies then receive the currency of the continent, the Continental Euro. The exchange rate between CEuro (The Continental Euro) and Bitcoin is fixed at 100/1. Conversion between fiat and CEuro is based on CoinDesk Exchange rate which is updated every minute.

The continents economy is “fine-tuned” and users have access to statistics and business analytics. Transactions are carried out on the Market with equal trading opportunities for the users. The One Market One Trade model means “no OTC trading, no credit risk, no scams, no cheating possible, also prevents monopolistic positions and stealth or fraudulent second market transactions.

The fees on the Seventh Continent are simple.  A 0.7% fee is charged on transactions between users and there is a 0.1 BTC (XBT) company registration fee, however some of this can be earned back if you enrol new users via the sponsorship affiliate program.

7C MarketWith the popularity of online social games, online poker and virtual marketplaces growing Harmati’s game aims to offer users a better investment. Users can keep their investment risks to a minimum since customers own the trading businesses (they control cash flow and make all decisions) and have a relatively high influence on prices. It is also a real skill game which relies on creativity and business acumen rather than chance. Seventh Continent allows you to earn real profit from your businesses and cash out, daily, in Bitcoin or fiat. But this ‘game’ has the potential to be a very real economy.

At the moment all goods and services on the Seventh Continent are produced, traded and consumed within the virtual world. But there is room for this to change. As Harmati explains, “these digital products are not electronic goods downloadable like an e-book, a software, or music. But since almost all of these digital products and services can be real why not making them real?”

How this might progress…

When you own a food company for instance on Seventh Continent you produce hamburgers, energy drinks etc. With the participation of brands (RedBull, Coca-cola, McDonalds, etc) you will be selling branded products for extra profit. Of course you have the choice to do it or not, choose from a list of advertisers or even introduce your own brand!!! This would be the first step to make these digital goods real. The next step is evident: you will sell services and products for Bitcoin and deliver it in reality at your brick and mortar store or send it from your virtual store. Just imagine Avis renting cars, Gucci selling designer shoes, a law firm providing services you would pay on the Market of Seventh Continent directly in Bitcoin! Imagine yourself being a start-up or a little shop branding and selling your products and services for basically no direct costs, advertisement costs expressed in pennies! I believe in this next step but I also know this is for later.

While this project began prior to the release of Bitcoin, the developers are Bitcoin enthusiasts and Harmati and his team hope to provide “a brand new both lucrative and entertaining solution for Bitcoin owners with the intention to build a small economy that will provide additional value to Bitcoin. Bitcoin culture, as conceived by its authors and restricted by its protocol, is on the way to transform radically how we as culture exchange commodities and monies.”

Harmati’s game hopes to be a platform that furthers this transformation.  As he put it “Seventh Continent is a game, yet much more than a game.”


Seventh Continent Ltd. is registered in the UK by a group of private individuals. Learn more about the game here.

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