Dwolla offers new MassPay option

Dwolla  is an online and mobile payment system, similar to PayPal, however, Dwolla’s fee’s are much lower at $0.25 per transaction over $10, and transactions under $10 free of charge. Like PayPal, Dwolla is based on the US dollar. Un-like PayPal, you can use it to purchase bitcoins at exchanges such as Mt.Gox.

Dwolla has just announced their new mass payment system, appropriately titled MassPay.

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Monetas is bringing ‘banking’ and business tools to the worlds mobile phone users with two new products.

Monetas is a digital finance company run by Johann Gevers and “Fellow Traveler” Chris Odom, the creator of the OpenTransactions open source software. The aim of the business is to build high-end applications using the OT software, and they have just announced two new products.

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