Part II of GoldBroker’s interview series on gold market manipulation

In part two of a three part series on market manipulation GoldBroker’s CEO Fabrice Drouin Ristori interviews Jim Willie. Via

Fabrice Drouin Ristori: How long can the manipulation of the precious metal markets last ?

Jim Willie: Rather than focusing on the time spectrum, think instead on the event spectrum. Focus not on a sequence of time, but instead on an event schedule in a chain. Systems are sustained by the corrupt players, institutions, and policies. The Gold manipulation will continue until the Gold market is totally broken, until the big banks that control it are totally broken, or until the USDollar & USTBond structures are totally broken.

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The Real Asset Co: Unveiling the gold market’s working parts

The Asset Company’s Head of Research Jan Skoyles explains where the gold price is set by looking at the three different gold markets; the futures market, exchange traded products and the physical gold market


On April 12th 3.4 million ounces (100 tonnes) of gold was sold in the US futures markets. This was just for starters, the main, side and dessert appeared over the following hours and the next session on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (COMEX).

As those in the West holding paper gold stood frozen watching the price tick further downwards, those in the East and others looking to buy physical gold, went on a shopping spree. Premiums on physical gold in China, India, Vietnam and across Asia hit highs associated with economic and geopolitical crises. Dealers struggled to keep up with demand.

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GoldBroker Interviews GATA’s Chris Powell

As a part of a three part series GoldBroker’s CEO Fabrice Drouin Ristori will be asking the same market manipulation questions of Chris Powell, Egon Von Greyerz  and Jim Willie. Below is the interview with Chris via

Fabrice Drouin Ristori:How long can the manipulation of the precious metal markets last ?

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Mt.Gox fighting Bitcoin price manipulation

As Mt.Gox is by far the largest Bitcoin exchange the USD price listed on the site is the unofficial Bitcoin price.  With such market concentration Mt.Gox is the obvious first choice for any attempt at market manipulation.

Anyone following Bitcoin will be well aware of the constant DDoS attacks that the exchange has been subject to, but ComputerWorld is reporting that Bitcoin’s Mt.Gox price is also being influenced traders who use the sites trading software to submit large quantities of trades for very small fractions of bitcoins.

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CBC Documentary: The Secret World of Gold

On Thursday CBC, Canada’s national public television channel, broadcast a new documentary, the Secret World of Gold.

The program explored the “the power and politics of gold” and covered a wide variety of gold’s shady history from Nazi gold to The Odyssey Marine, the paper gold market, gold leasing, Fort Knox and gold manipulation. In a surprising move for main stream media, the documentary includes interviews with Andrew Maguire, Erik Sprott and John Embry that discuss the amount of gold held by western central banks and gold market manipulation.

While some don’t believe that the documentary went far enough, it ends with this very relevant question, “in the 21st Century gold still manages to keep its secrets. Perhaps the biggest one of all, where is the gold and who owns it?”

Part I, Part II, Part III

The Price of Gold

“Owning physical gold is like having a put option on your government and the financial system. And when you don’t have confidence in these things, the paper price of a gold contract that trades in a government-regulated commodities exchange is… irrelevant.” An important reminder from the SovereignMan.

The price of gold has taken a hit in the last few weeks dipping down to the $1,500’s. If you own gold and silver as ‘a put option on the financial system’ this temporary dip is of little concern, what you own is real money. And this week Patrick Barron explained why it is the dollar and not gold that is overvalued.

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Jim Sinclair sees German gold repatriation as ‘beginning of the end’ for US dollar

The Silver Doctors have posted an email from Jim Sinclair sent to his subscribers. In the email he compares the reports of Bundesbank’s repatriation of its gold holdings from the Fed to Charles De Gaulle ‘calling the hand’ of the US its obligation to convert French held dollars into gold.

History will look back on this salvo fired across US war financing as being the beginning of the end of the US dollar as the reserve currency of choice.”

Today’s report, if true, is a salvo fired at the concept that the USA has all the gold it claims and all the gold it stores for others. If true, this event is the most important gold development since Charles De Gaulle called the US hand that it would stand by convertibility which many then assumed it could not because even then the amount of gold held was publicly questioned.”

Read the email here.

GATA Fundraiser and Sovereign Social Jan 19th in Vancouver

The members and shareholders of The Sovereign Exchange will be in Vancouver on Saturday afternoon, January 19th, at 4:00 PM, for a private networking event with Chris Powell and Bill Murphy, Secretary and Chairman of The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, who will speak about their most recent efforts to influence transparency in the metal’s markets.

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GATA’s Chris Powell explains the importance of gold price manipulation

It’s the destruction of markets and it’s the manipulation of the value of all capital, labour and goods and services in the world.

In a recent appearance on RT’s Capital Account GATA’s Chris Powell gave an excellent explanation of why market manipulation is an important issue.

“What they are doing is really [trying] to seize control of everything economic in the world. And really surreptitiously behind peoples backs. It’s an essentially tyrannical system, that is what we are trying to expose. “

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