More places to spend your Bitcoins

Hungry? Need more cell phone minuets? Now you can order pizza and top up your phone with your bitcoins. functions as a Pizza/Bitcoin middleman. You order and pay via their website and they complete the order for you. “Going back to the infamous 10,000btc for pizza back in 2010, we’re offering a system for ordering pizzas with your bitcoins!”

Currently the service only works with Domino’s however; plans are in the words to add Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. allows you to top up your cellphone credit using Bitcoin.

To use this service you need to enter your country, service provider, email address and phone number. After making a Bitcoin payment to the address generated by the site you receive an email containing the pin number or other instructions from the service provider allowing you to use the newly purchased credit. Currently the service works with 280 carriers in 112 countries.

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