EFF resumes Bitcoin donations "to Support Digital Liberty"

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which aims to defend “your rights in the digital world”, has announced that they will again accept Bitcoin donations.

Via the EFF website

Today, we’re happy to announce that we will be accepting Bitcoin donations through our website. You can use them to make one-time donations, set up monthly donations or get an EFF membership (which includes awesome membership swag like EFF hats and digital freedom t-shirts).

While we are accepting Bitcoin donations, EFF is not endorsing Bitcoin.  EFF does not typically endorse products or services, and we certainly do not endorse any of the electronic payment methods that we currently accept (credit cards, PayPal, and now BitPay).

The EFF stopped accepting Bitcoin donations two years ago. They give the reasons for the reversal of this decision as…

  • “Censorship by payment intermediaries is an ongoing problem for free speech online – so it makes sense to start diversifying the available options.”
  • “You can now give Bitcoins to EFF in the same way that you can give stock.”
  • “Our research and FinCEN’s guidance removed a key risk to EFF.”
  • “Our members keep politely asking for it.”

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