Cryptor Trust, Inc. Offering Global Bitcoin Investment through Cryptor Latam Inc.

For less than twenty dollars’ worth of Bitcoin anyone can be part of the current surge in global Bitcoin growth.

Between the 21st of May and 6th of June 2014, the global investment company Cryptor Trust Inc., will be offering private shares in its Latin American affiliated company, Cryptor Latam Inc. also known as CLI. This offering has been arranged by the asset management company Cornupia Capital Ltd.

Domiciled in the Marshall Islands, CLI was established as a limited corporation with the long-term goal of being listed on a regional and/or international stock exchange. Cornupia Capital Ltd. will serve as investment manager for the firm.

Cryptor Latam Inc. is raising up to 25,000 Bitcoins for speculative long term investment. As the prospectus states, the offering will accumulate funds with the general objective of investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related assets throughout Latin America and around the world.

The minimum investment is just 25 shares at 0.001 BTC per share. With today’s Bitcoin price of ~$600 per coin, 25 shares sets a minimum entry level investment of around $15, thus making the size of the minimum investment cost attractive to all levels of investors.

By pooling a global think tank of experienced cryptocurrency management, Cryptor Trust Inc. has developed a unique investment strategy. Management aims to serve the Bitcoin ecosystem as a long term capital source for promising Bitcoin companies. As innovative new Bitcoin companies emerge, CLI expects to offer those bright firms the seed and investment capital required to grow and prosper.

The management of CLI believes that decentralized cryptocurrency could be one of the most important and beneficial technological advances of this century.

Presently, the world is in the early stages of this development. As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency products begin their journey into the mainstream consumer world, the next ten years offers enormous profit potential.

A critical tipping point in consumer acceptance of Bitcoin is rapidly approaching as the use of decentralized currencies expands throughout the unbanked consumer world.

Decentralized cross border payments and the global remittance market are, for the first time, facing game changing competition from cryptocurrency products. Bitcoin offers instant transfers, no fraud, and extremely low rates. In most cases the Bitcoin fee is about 1/3 the amount charged by conventional payment systems.

Existing Bitcoin investors and venture capital firms recognize that a global marketplace has become the only payment marketplace that matters for long term growth. Bitcoin payments will soon go head-to-head with conventional banking and the credit card industry.

Experts also believe, that in the next three years, it is possible for Bitcoin’s usage to surpass the dollar transaction volume of existing payment companies such as Discover, American Express and MasterCard.

Also, recent items in the news, such as patents and corporate reports, indicate that a wide range of conventional money transfer systems, including Western Union, may attempt to create new systems based on the decentralized Bitcoin Protocol. The Bitcoin ecosystem, which includes the digital currency and the companies that are engaged in Bitcoin payments, could benefit greatly from adoption by such large scale financial systems.

Today, because of Cryptor Trust, Inc.’s active involvement with the crypto business community, Cryptor Latam Inc, is positioning its capital on the front lines of Bitcoin innovation.

With the company’s main assets held in Bitcoin, Cryptor Latam Inc., is now the first investment company in the world operating with a formal Bitcoin capital structure. CLI does not accept national currency and investment in CLI is denominated in Bitcoin.

While it is the goal of Cryptor Latam Inc. to invest in cryptocurrency related assets on a global scale the management plans to concentrate on the Latin America market. Regional investment permits CLI to obtain the specific market operating information and make favorable investment decisions based on local and regional models.

Management believes that the advancing cryptocurrency industry, centered on Bitcoin products, now offers a growing and profitable investment opportunity. CLI will focus on Bitcoin technology, innovation and social trends.

Become a shareholder in Cryptor Latam Inc. (CLI) today at
Application for shares in CLI must be made through the formal prospectus on the website. All payments for shares must be made in Bitcoin through the secure payment facility located at Cryptor Trust’s website

A private investment in Cryptor Latam Inc. is subject to substantial market risk. No assurances can be given that the investment objectives of the company will be realized. This kind of risk is not suitable for all investors. Void where prohibited by law. This offer not valid in certain US States.

Investments in Bitcoin and other forms of virtual currency involve substantial risk and are not suitable for everyone. Small investors are advised only to risk a sum of money they can afford to lose. Bitcoin is not regulated by any US agency or approved for sale by the US Securities Exchange Commission.

The exchange rate of U.S. dollars to Bitcoins can fluctuate each day and sometimes dramatically. Please be aware of how changes in Bitcoin price can affect the US dollar value of a Bitcoin investment.

Discloser: Carl Mullan is on the Crypto Trust Latin America Advisory Board

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