Bitcoin and the Online Gambling Industry

Bitcoin is a revolutionary new currency. Everything about it is so new and different that we do not always know what to expect next. We have, however, seen a great degree of success so far in many areas. It is already possible to buy just about anything you can think of with Bitcoins. There are some technical aspects, but in general, anyone can open up their wallet and send any amount of money across any border for a virtually nonexistent fee. This could all be done in a matter of seconds.

pokerOne area where all of these benefits have made a huge difference is in the Bitcoin casino arena. Before Bitcoin, websites were forced to deal with old-fashioned fiat currencies like the US dollar and the euro. Dealing with that sort of money often incurs significant fees and opens the door to all kinds of fraud. Some online casinos have chosen to simply accept and deal with these issues, but it still costs them more than it should to do business.

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CBC Documentary: The Secret World of Gold

On Thursday CBC, Canada’s national public television channel, broadcast a new documentary, the Secret World of Gold.

The program explored the “the power and politics of gold” and covered a wide variety of gold’s shady history from Nazi gold to The Odyssey Marine, the paper gold market, gold leasing, Fort Knox and gold manipulation. In a surprising move for main stream media, the documentary includes interviews with Andrew Maguire, Erik Sprott and John Embry that discuss the amount of gold held by western central banks and gold market manipulation.

While some don’t believe that the documentary went far enough, it ends with this very relevant question, “in the 21st Century gold still manages to keep its secrets. Perhaps the biggest one of all, where is the gold and who owns it?”

Part I, Part II, Part III