Breif Digital Currency Tech Update

New stuff from Open Transactions, Bullion Vault and the ever evolving Bitcoin.

Newer versions of Open Transactions and MoneyChanger have been released. They can be found at the below links.

Fellow Traveler, and a business partner, have just lunched a new company, Monetas, whose aim is to build high-end applications using the OT technology.

Bullion Vault, currently the world’s largest online investment gold service, has a new iPhone app. Available in seven languages, the app will allow Bullion Vault customers to buy and sell gold and silver, view live price charts and manage their account from their iPhone. Check it out here.

Bitcoin Magazine explains how you can choose your own password for your Bitcoin address, very handy for those using a ‘brain wallet’.

ResponsePay Mobile Wallet now integrated with BitInstant, read about it here.

The Bitcoin Card is not brand new, but if your not familiar, check out the video here. What is particularly exciting about this is the node-based, decentralized, ad-hoc network that it uses. Imagine the internet without the existing ISP infrastructure. Hmmm.


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