Blanchard Vault makes gold and silver ownership affordable

Blanchard Vault Inc  is a new precious metals dealer based in Nevada that aims to provide “U.S. residents with an efficient and liquid way to buy, own and sell physical, 100% fine gold and silver bullion.”

Gold and silver purchased through Blanchard Vault are stored in 1-kilogram (32.15 oz) gold bars and 1,000 ounce silver bars. Customers can purchase an entire bar or a fraction of a bar, from as little as $25.

The business is run by Anthem Hayek Blanchard, former Director of Strategic Development and Marketing at GoldMoney and son of well-known gold advocate Jim Blanchard.

There is no minimum storage fees and customers have the option of paying storage fees via direct withdrawal from their bank account rather than the more common method of metal taken out of the customer’s account.

Customers can take delivery of their metals, however, this option is only available to customers who own at least a enough metal in their account to cover a full bar. At current prices that’s about $55,000 for gold and $33,000 for silver. “All costs involved in the delivery of a bar(s) are charged by Brink’s and collected from the client by Blanchard Vault. Blanchard Vault does not charge an additional delivery fee for this service.”

The business offers six different pricing tiers based on the amount of gold or silver purchased. Blanchard Vault will ‘buy back’ metals from customers at the “same rate we receive from our dealer (at cost), which is the best rate received from one of over a dozen commercial bullion dealers we source metal from.”

Currently, only U.S. residents (individuals, no trusts or companies) can open a Blanchard Vault account.

All metal is physically stored at Brink’s in Salt Lake City, Utah and fully insured against any loss or damage by theft or natural disaster through Lloyd’s of London.

The company is offering a Grand Opening Special Offer that includes…

  • Lifetime discount of 15% off our exchange spread (price over dealer cost) on all metal purchases
  • Receive 6 months of free gold & silver storage in our secure and insured vault at Brink’s in Salt Lake City
  • Claim your Special Offer benefits when signing up for a free account by entering Promo Code: bvgrnd
  • Offer valid to new clients that sign up before February 28th, 2013


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