Bits and Pieces from the last few weeks.

As I have been keeping a close eye on currency news while waiting for the launch of the new blog, I’ve ran across several interesting stories out of Europe.

A small town in Greece, Volos, has found an unconventional way to deal with their economic difficulties. They have begun using their own local currency which they call TEM.

Bitcoin’s popularity (which is the object of my latest obsession) is on the rise and the Room 77 restaurant in Berlin is now accepting it as payment.

Many digital currency enthusiasts have speculated that DC’s will not become ‘main stream’ until people are forced to find an alternative to crashing fiat currencies. Unfortunately, I agree and articles such as this prove the point. Bitcoin’s European volume is “skyrocketing” according to Charlie Shrem, chief executive of BitInstant LLC. “We’re getting requests from people literally saying, can we mail you euros? “ .


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