Bits and Pieces Aug 27th

Great stuff from GoldMoney, Bitcoin (as always) and more community currencies in Europe.

A history of exchange rate regimes in one, large, photo.

Q & A with James Turk. Why he’s not in favor of a gold standard and why GoldMoney will ‘Probably never’ integrate with Bitcoin. “BitCoins are the ultimate currency backed by nothing.”

Alasdair Macleod on The purpose of market intervention. ” interventions only result in less efficient use of economic resources.”

New Bitcoin margin trading website fills the gap that Bitcoinica left. “because margin trading allows users to hold a negative quantity of bitcoins, Bitcoinica allowed users to profit when the price dropped – a possibility which many believe had a valuable dampening effect on potential Bitcoin bubbles by providing an economic outlet for traders to express their caution.”

Bitcoin Tribe, a new Bitcoin social network.

Spain has a new community currency, the Eco. With a youth unemployment rate at 53%, people are taking matters into their own hands. “We can’t wait for public administrations to solve our problems.”!19FD1192-AAAE-44AC-947D-61CA7734721B


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