Bits and Pieces 6th Aug

Vietnam’s ‘war on gold’, GATA’s TV appearance, Bitcoin’s struggles with how to police theft, e-billion news and more.

The Vietnam government continues its ‘war on gold’ as it attempts to push the use of its own currency, the Dong, on a population that stubbornly continues to view gold as money.

GATA secretary scheduled to appear on Russia Today’s ‘Capital Account’ program on Tuesday. The video should be posted here,, shortly after the broadcast.

Bitcoin Magazine discusses how the Bitcoin community should police itself in the wake of a recent large Bitcoin theft. “What this ultimately boils down to is that the Bitcoin community needs to have a serious conversation about the way that it handles the judicial process. So far, everyone involved has been very unwilling to make any overtures to established police authorities, presumably wishing instead to establish an alternate extralegal “lex mercatoria” to handle Bitcoin-related cases in an ad-hoc fashion.”

London Bitcoin Conference

During his appearance in front of the House Subcommittee on Financial Services, Mr Grey of the American Open Currency Standard questioned Representative Paul understanding of legal tender laws and stated that he is in favor of leaving them in place. He explains is stance on the issue in a blog post along with a few interesting notes on his experiences at the House hearing.

James Fayed, former owner of e-billion, has withdrawn claims to $22mil+ in seized bank funds and precious metals. The funds will be forfeited to the US and Australian governments. A few more details can be found here.

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