About Us

DGC provides news and insight on monetary alternatives and innovations. We cover digital currencies, precious metals, online payments, community currencies and any and all alternatives to fiat.

There is a common understanding in the western world that there is something very, very wrong with banking, finance and Wall Street. This anger and discontentment is justified, but the problem runs much deeper than regulators or investment banking CEOs. The problem begins with the money itself. Real change will not come from new regulatory structures, new laws or a change in ruling political parties, but instead through a change in money.

The world of monetary alternatives, particularly digital currencies, is growing and evolving at a rapid pace. We aim to keep readers informed on this quickly moving world with accurate and up-to-date news, interviews, market reports, and commentary. DGC maintains a blog, a twitter feed and a Digital Currency Wiki.

DGC is run primarily by editor Julia Dixon who is responsible for the quality of all content and produces a large amount of original content for the site. Julia holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and is an avid student of Austrian monetary theory, with her favourite being the works of Murray Rothbard.

If you would like to send us information, contribute an article or send comments or concerns, we can be reached at [email protected], PGP key.