GoldMoney: Alasdair Macleod’s Outlook for 2013

I have not faced the prospect of a new year with so much trepidation as when I contemplate what is in store for 2013. Systemic risks abound, which of themselves are not the main story, only milestones on the road to final currency destruction, unless governments somehow regain their senses.”

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Jim Willie: The Coming Isolation of the US Dollar

“The typical human reaction to any infection, vermin, danger, or toxicity is to stand back, to isolate the agent, to trap it, to prevent its further spread or release, then to remove it in a safe secure way if possible using trained professionals. Eventually decisions must be made on the level of acceptable risk on the removal, like what is willing to be lost or damaged or killed in the process. Risk analysis, cost trade-offs, and minimization decisions must be evaluated and executed. The toxic agent in global trade, global banking, and global bond market is the USDollar. In 2009, the Jackass began making a certain firm point. Those nations that depart from the entire USDollar system early will be the leading nations in the next chapter, with stronger foundations, richer solvency, emerging economies, healthier financial markets, efficient credit engines, growing wealth, stronger political helm activity, and better functioning systems generally.“

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Economic Policy Journal: 50 Reasons For The Separation of Money & State

The Economic Policy Journal’s Chris Rossini list “50 thoughts to help reach a very important conclusion: That money must be completely severed from State control. Our economic lives literally depend on it.” Continue reading “Economic Policy Journal: 50 Reasons For The Separation of Money & State”

Jon Matonis: Fear Not Deflation

A few months ago Keynesian economist Paul Krugman wrote a piece criticizing Bitcoin. He compared it to gold and argued that Bitcoin would lead to “hoarding, deflation, and depression.” In the Keynesian world a lack of inflation = deflation = depression.

Deflation is commonly feared, but as Jon explains “Deflation is not a problem in the traditional monetary system and it will not be a problem in the bitcoin economy.”

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Adventures In Creating Your Own Currency

How’s this for a startup venture – Digital Gold Currency: a universally used currency that can be trusted by all, without the risk of debasement or fraud.  Sounds pretty good, right?

Well over the past year, that’s exactly what I’ve worked on, and I’ve certainly discovered a few things along the way.

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Central Bank of Russia issues gold and silver bullion pieces that ‘must be accepted' as legal tender

On the 17th the bank issued three values of bullion:

  • 31.1g silver pieces with a 3RUB face value
  • 7.78g gold pieces with 50RUB face
  • 15.55g gold pieces with a 100RUB face value

These bullion pieces are legal tender in the Russian Federation.

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GATA's Chris Powell explains the importance of gold price manipulation

It’s the destruction of markets and it’s the manipulation of the value of all capital, labour and goods and services in the world.

In a recent appearance on RT’s Capital Account GATA’s Chris Powell gave an excellent explanation of why market manipulation is an important issue.

“What they are doing is really [trying] to seize control of everything economic in the world. And really surreptitiously behind peoples backs. It’s an essentially tyrannical system, that is what we are trying to expose. “

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GoldMoney's Alasdair Macleod: Goodbye to Liberty

I think of money as simply a way to measure and store value, particularly the value of people’s time energy and effort. When the way in which you measure value is being manipulated and the method by which you store your productive value is being eroded, the implications for ‘liberty’ are frightening. This distortion of value is disruptive to people’s ability to interact with one another rationally and productively.

This frightful thought has not been lost on GoldMoney’s Alasdair Macleod who today writes “The US, UK, Europe and Japan are all implementing economic policies that must ultimately result in the complete destruction of their currencies; and if you destroy the means of exchange of goods and services, your people will starve.”

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Blanchard Vault makes gold and silver ownership affordable

Blanchard Vault Inc  is a new precious metals dealer based in Nevada that aims to provide “U.S. residents with an efficient and liquid way to buy, own and sell physical, 100% fine gold and silver bullion.”

Gold and silver purchased through Blanchard Vault are stored in 1-kilogram (32.15 oz) gold bars and 1,000 ounce silver bars. Customers can purchase an entire bar or a fraction of a bar, from as little as $25.

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